VIP care services

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Need a private flight?


The quality of life is measured in free time and in shared life experiences.


Fly privately, from any city to any destination, at an unbeatable price.


The private plane you dream of, when you need it, at the price you deserve.


You can request a private flight quote using our above search engine.

1. By default, our search engine will look for one way private flights

2. You can change this by selecting "Round trip", "Multi city" or "Empty leg"

3. Start typing and selecting your "Departure airport/city" (results shown as you type)

4. Then, type and select your "Arrival departure/city"

5. Then, select your date and time

6. After that, select the total number of passengers

7. Finally, click/tap the SEARCH button to get the list of all available plane types

8. Each plane type will show an estimate flight duration and a price before taxes and fees

9. To get detailed quotes, click/tap the INQUIRE button, fill in your contact details and any special requirements (eg travelling with pets, catering, etc)

10. After the form is filled, accept our privacy policy and click/tap the PRICE/INQUIRE button

AVIUM will deliver you a minimum of three PDF private charter quotes, from which you can choose the most suitable option. Quotes will include:

- The plane model, year and refurbished date (if any)

- Actual exterior and interior images of the aircraft

- Complete charter flight details

- The all-inclusive price (prices exclude on board communications, ground transportation, de-icing or any fees not requested or mentioned in the quote).

All quotes are valid for 24 hours. After that time, they may have to be revalidated with the appropriate Operator.

Each private charter PDF quote will have our bank account details and a link for you to pay with any debit or credit card.

Funds received by AVIUM in payment for charter flights will be paid directly into a client deposit account and held in trust until such time as the payment becomes due to flight operators.

Payment for flights will be made to the operator from the AVIUM clients deposit account in sufficient time to clear the operator’s account in full, at least 24 hours prior to the last-time close of banking (during normal banking hours) before the flight departure time.

Through the use of a client deposit account for all payments, AVIUM offers complete peace of mind, and the security of knowing that their monies paid to AVIUM for flights can only ever be used to pay the operator for the flights they have booked.

In the event that AVIUM has an administrator, receiver, trustee or any other person or entity appointed over a part or all of its assets or business, such entities will have no claim over the funds held in the client deposit account which will be available solely for the payment of monies owed to the operator.

When your payment has been received, you will be sent a private charter confirmation email.

The AVIUM sales team will follow-up with any further information or request related to your booked flights.

As soon as your private charter quote has been paid, AVIUM will request a billing address and send you a detailed invoice for your confirmed charter flights.

Cancellation policy varies between aircraft operators. Details of each operator’s cancellation terms will be found in each private flight PDF quote.

In the event of a client cancelling their confirmed flight, and where cancellation fees fall due as set out in the operator’s terms and conditions, then member funds which are held in the client deposit account will be used to settle any cancellation fees owed to the operator before any balance of funds are then returned to the client.